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Introducing Cruise Mom

I discovered cruising in 2006. As soon as I stepped onboard the ship I was hooked! I soon came to realize that cruising was the ultimate vacation and have been on many cruises since that time. After all, what other kind of vacation includes so much for one price, takes you to several locations whilst you only unpack once, pampers you like you deserve, and allows you to do everything under the sun or absolutely nothing at all?

Now fast forward a few years. I had spent the better part of 28 years in customer service jobs such as bartending, waitressing and casino dealing. As the years passed, I was learning that I was getting a bit old to be doing those things anymore but, as a 'single mom', I faced a problem. What to do?? Then it hit me.....Why not combine my love of cruising with my customer service background?

After researching my options and then training with a travel agency, a new career was born. I became a Travel Agent specializing in cruise vacations. Now I spend my days helping people just like you plan their dream cruise vacations AND I really LOVE my job!

It's really the best of both worlds! So, what're you waiting for? Let's plan your next cruise vacation!!!

Call 936-777-3587 and let me help you find your ultimate vacation!

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