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Why Take A Cruise?

The reasons people cruise are many! Here are just a few examples of why people have decided to take a cruise.

Family Vacations

Cruising is a great way to spend time together as a family! There are activities of all kinds for all ages allowing you to reconnect and recharge. No hassle of packing and unpacking all the kids stuff to go to the next location as your hotel goes with you! Also, most lines have amazing youth programs tailored to your childrens ages so that Mom & Dad can have that needed alone time knowing that the kids are well cared for.

Romantic Getaways

Let's face it.....sometime life just gets in the way of romance. Work, family, chores, activities and other day to day things can take a toll. Sometimes you just need to run away and not worry about anything. Cruising is a perfect solution. The two of you can spend some time away while being pampered to your hearts desire. Have a romantic dinner followed by a leisurely stroll around the deck. Dance the night away in an exciting club. Take in an amazing show at the theatre. The choices are yours. Whatever it is that brings the two of you together, you can find it in a cruise vacation.

Weddings & Honeymoons

The first day, the most important day, of your new life together. Every year, thousands of couples choose a cruise as part of their special celebration. Whether for the wedding itself or just the honeymoon, most cruise lines have packages available to make your time onboard extra special.

Family or Group Reunions

Planning a reunion can be a LOT of work. It's not just getting together. Where will you meet? What activities will you plan? When/where will you dine? So many details to think about. On a cruise, you have most all of that taken care of for you so your group can just relax and have fun together without one (or more) of you going absolutely crazy trying to gather everyone together. Also, during those times when everyone is on their own, there are so many choices of things to do and see.

Group/Event Cruises

Do you belong to a special activity group? Church? Singles? Fraternal Organization? Dancing? Book Club? Sport? Crafting? Photography? The list goes on and on. Gather together on a cruise. Cruising is a great way to get your group together to enjoy familiar activities in a fresh, new environment. Also, many groups that have cruised together find that, when they return, they have so many new, shared, experiences together that there is a greater sense of comaradarie than they had before which brings more fun and excitement to the group.

Singles Cruises

Oh, what a way to meet and mingle with new and interesting people! If you know of a singles group or organization in your area, suggest a group singles cruise. It's a more relaxed way to mingle than a club or hall. There are so many activities, you get a better idea of what the other singles likes/dislikes are and how that matches up with what you're interested in. And, since you have several days instead of just a few hours, you have more chances to meet that special someone!

Business Cruises

Do you own your own business? A cruise can be useful in several ways. With various conference rooms and other spaces available to book, think seminars, meetings, team building and/or training sessions over several days. Your employees will gain a better sense of "team" having shared non-work experiences on the ship and in ports. Since you are in a more relaxed environment, you may find your employees more receptive in meetings than they would be in the usual office environment. Also, you could use a cruise giveaway as part of your incentive program. Think top sales per period, employee of the year, etc. What a way to reward (and retain) your most valued employees!


Got something special going on? Anniversaries, graduations, homecomings, birthdays, promotions, weddings, retirement, etc.? With so many types of activities, venues, and amenities to choose from, cruises are Celebration Central! Does your family have a particular month where there seems to be a TON of special events? Combine them all into one glorious and memorable vacation celebration and save with a group rate!

As you can see, cruising can be a

unique experience for any group or individual.

Even on the same ship at the

same time, there is incredible diversity.

 There are lines, ships, and itineraries

to fit just about any situation you can imagine.

Call now and let me help you

turn your dreams

into reality!


Where would your imagination take you?

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